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Opening Day – SAVE THE DATE October 15, 2022

The autumn breeze brings temperate and, dare I say, cooler weather.  That means, paddle OFFICIALLY begins.  As the self-appointed EPTC town crier, I say "Bring your sneakers, your paddle and your enthusiasm but leave your pizza home!" Your party czar and EPTC board member, Karen Aranow, has scheduled a pizza truck for Saturday, October 15th, ... More

Join a Women’s Group!

Would you like to be involved in one of the club's women's groups? Contact one of the women below to get started. Games will be grouped by level based on player availability. Monday ladies 3:30 & 5:00 PM groups - Caroline Gold Monday ladies 6:30 PM - Karen Bachand Thursdays ladies 3:30 & 5:00 PM - Kristi Poehlmann More

Join a Men’s Group!

If you haven't been contacted and would like to be involved in men's play this season, contact Tom Rooney. Games will be scheduled by level based on player availability. More