Thank you for interest in EPTC.

You can apply for membership either by filling out the PDF application form:

Application for New Membership 2020-2021

and emailing it to or mailing it to:

P.O. Box 712
Essex, CT 06426

OR simply complete and submit this online form:

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    Membership Process:

    o Once your application is approved, you will be contacted by email. Payment is due within 30 days
    o $515.00 Family Membership - covers all family members living at home (includes $50 COVID-19 Capital Assessment Fee)
    o $232.50 Junior Membership (single or partners, 30 and under as of October 1st)
    o $80.00 Men’s League ($45 Balls + $35 APTA Membership)
    o $20.00 Women’s League ($20 Balls. $35 APTA Membership Optional)

    Waiver of liability:

    I/we hereby agree to release and hold harmless the Essex Paddle Tennis Club, its employees, Board of Directors, attorneys and successors, assignees and their respective representative from any and all claims arising out of my/our participation at Essex Platform Tennis Club. Further I/we release and discharge the club from any and all liability for any loss, or theft or damage to personal property. I/we acknowledge that I/we have carefully read this waiver and release and I/we fully understand that it is a waiver and release of liability and I/we assume any and all risk associated with my participation at the Essex Paddle Tennis Club. Furthermore I/we agree to the terms and conditions of the entry, registration, and membership forms.

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