Let the Games Begin!

Well if you have spent any time over at the paddle courts recently, you will have noticed that they have never been busier. WE LOVE THAT. Our goal is to provide all members as many options as possible to get out there and play paddle. In case you are not aware the following is a summary of the organized match play schedule currently available to all of you:

  • Women’s organized match play on Mondays, Thursdays and Friday morning has over 65 participants (Special thanks to Caroline Gold Yackery, Kristi Poehlmann for managing this for us)
  • Men’s organized match play on Tuesday, Wednesdays and Thursdays has over 110 participants (special thanks to Rob Coster, Mike Loyd and Tom Rooney for managing this for us)
  • Open (men & women) organized match play on Saturday afternoons already has 20 participants. (special thanks to Betsy Morgan for managing this for us)

Well if that was not enough, we have had a high level of interest in starting a Mixed doubles organized match play on Friday evenings and or Sunday afternoons. We would like to kick this off On friday, November 20th and or Sunday November 22nd. Friday evenings will most likely involve a little vino, cheese, anything to make a lovely evening out of it. Sunday’s well I will leave that for you all to decide.

To organize this we need to know the level of interest you have in participating. Attached please find a simple form we would like you to fill out helping us determine which day (or both), what your level is, whether you will bring your spouse to play or by yourself. (no need to have to play with your spouse, In some cases we recommend NOT to:))). We would like at least 16 players to launch and would target approximately 24 max to ensure you get a good workout.

You can find my form “EPTC Mixed Doubles – We Need Your Input!” at: https://form.jotform.com/203104729948056.

Thank you all for the enthusiasm you all have shown towards our crazy game. Nothing thrills us more than seeing the facility be used, and available to more members than we have had in years. Please let us know if you have interest in Mixed and as always any other ideas you may have to make the EPTC the place you want it to be.