Welcome to the 2020-21 Season

  • 08/22/2020

This is an anything-but-normal time, but we all seek the courts. The Board has been working hard this summer to prepare for the upcoming paddle season. Normally focusing on organizing league play, sprucing up the grounds and hut, and fine-tuning the courts is enough. This year, thanks to COVID-19, we have also focused on player safety. We have installed hand sanitizer stations, replaced existing outdoor furniture (with more seating) and bought outdoor heating units. This will enable us to cautiously assemble for a quick pre-match chat or a post-match beverage. Safety is paramount.

In the near future the leaves will be turning and the EPTC will be in full swing. We intend tp make the 2020-21 season memorable, safe and fun.  Our big kickoff weekend will be 9/26-27.

New Members: Please keep your eyes and ears open for new members. Please invite interested parties, schedule a match and put on your best sales job. All ideas for new enrollment are welcomed. This year we have advertised in the Shoreline Times.  The ad is nifty and hopefully effective:


I’d like to continue the habit of making sure all new members get recognized and appropriately mentored so they can maximize their enjoyment. We take for granted what a “help yourself” club we really are. Newbies need and want to learn the ropes!! I will periodically list the new members in emails to the entire club. When these emails circulate, please reach out to, play alongside and grab a beer with them.

See you all on the courts.

Todd Pozefsky, president