New COVID Rules, Organized Play Schedule

  • 01/03/2021

First of all, Happy New Year.

I am looking forward to putting 2020 in the rearview mirror but the impact of CV19 will remain with us into the new year. Most of us have remained healthy and, hopefully, all of us remain vigilant. The vaccines are around the corner – keep it up.

The board continues to best attempt to navigate the CV19 situation. On one hand, we respect that our members are responsible adults perfectly capable of making their own decisions but, on the other hand, keeping in mind that each of us has a different risk tolerance for contracting the virus.

The holiday travel season for EPTC members undoubtedly included, amongst others, welcoming children back from college, connecting with relatives and socializing with friends over meals and drinks. This is normal behavior in normal times but these are, certainly, not normal times. There was an obvious spike in CV19 cases after Thanksgiving. Logically some of the spike resulted from the same activities we all typically enjoy on holidays. Christmas will likely produce the same phenomenon.

There have now been a few positive cases of CV19 at the club. Thank you to those members that took the proactive steps of contacting the board and other members that they recently played with. While all cases that we are aware of have happy endings, vigilance remains paramount. We need everyone to behave with an abundance of caution to protect their fellow members. Anyone with any symptom (cold, flu, fever, etc.) should not participate in any activity at EPTC, organized or otherwise. This is just common sense/decency to our fellow members and shouldn’t be unique to the CV19 era. If symptoms persist please get yourself tested. We are all wishing each other great health (bonne sante, buena salud, etc.) into the new year.

We are now instituting tighter and necessary steps for those that test positive and those that were in contact with a person that tests positive. The rules, effective immediately, follow:

1. In the event that you test positive (“Positive Member”), please provide the following details to Karen Aranow (

a. Estimated date of contraction

b. Date of positive test result

c. Members that you’ve played with since date of contraction (“Exposed Member(s)”)

d. Dates of the times you played with members in item c.

e. Dates that you contacted the members that you played with in item c.

f. Other

2. Any Positive Member is precluded from all EPTC activities for 14 days after the date of positive test result.

3. Exposed Members are precluded from all EPTC activities for 14 days after the date of the positive test result in item 1b above

4. Members that were in contact with any Exposed Member (“Other Exposed Member”) are precluded from all EPTC activities for 14 days from the date of contact with the Exposed Member. Note: the board, Positive Member, Exposed Member and Other Exposed Members will use all contact tracing data available to determine all potential Other Exposed Members.

Additionally, and effective immediately, the following apply:

1. There will be no guests permitted to play at the EPTC. This must be strictly enforced.

2. All online reservations must include all four players taking the court. This will assist with any necessary contact tracing efforts. (note: you may book the court and edit the reservation to include all players later)

3. Organized Men’s play will temporarily be suspended with a preliminary targeted restart date of January 19

4. Organized Men’s mentor matches will temporarily be suspended until further notice

5. Organized Friday and Sunday mixed paddle will temporarily be suspended with a preliminary targeted restart date of January 22

6. Organized Women’s play, including Allison Bailey’s and Betsy Morgan’s initiatives, will temporarily be suspended with a preliminary targeted restart date of January 18

To assist all that want to continue playing until our programs restart, I will be circulating the members listing. During this period please organize your own games.

Your humble servants,

The Board