From the Hut: 09/10/21

  • 09/14/2021


The ’21-22 season is upon us. Traditionally this means that the air is cooling, golf clubs are taken out of trunks and Goldie is anxious to start his collection efforts. As we have indicated, there is great interest in the club and we get new applications every week. Please get your bill paid. The board will be meeting regularly to manage the member ranks. To be clear, a paid invoice is the only way to secure your spot. In all likelihood, we will be limiting the number of members this year. Thanks in advance.

Additionally, we will be updating our website.  Once updated, a working calendar will be managed online.  On it we will broadcast the tournament and social events that WILL happen this year. Chris Kilbourne will be assisting us with setting up the base site and Kevin Shea has volunteered to keep content fresh.

Please save the link below. It will enable you to access YourCourts directly to book a court if the main EPTC website is down:

If you haven’t visited the club recently, come check out the “new” court 4, fresh with new screens, new paint, new grit and new (other stuff) and the new flooring in the hut. Things are sprucing up. A work day in October is being scheduled. Formal activities are also being planned – stay tuned.

your humble servants

the board