First Ever Plain Jane Tournament!

  • February 14, 2017

Plain Jane Tournament
Patty Goldfeder

Special thank you to Patty Goldfeder for thinking of the idea and running the first ever, PLAIN JANE TOURNAMENT!! For those that know of the Men’s Average Joe, this is the same but for the ladies. Concept is to have a B/C or C/C level player team, gain experience competing, win and move into playing regularly in the B Tournaments. Base rule thatr the Men’s Average Joe follows is that if you have ever won a B you are ineligible to play in the Average Joe.

Entry form here.


  • Location: Essex Platform Tennis Club, 112 Westbrook Rd, Essex CT 06426
  • Details: Cost is $80 per team ($40 per paddle). Your entry is not final until payment and entry are received and confirmed.
  • Eligibility: This tournament is designed for C level players. B level players will be able to participate if they are paired with a C level player. Tournament co-chairs reserve the right to decline entrants.
  • Rules: Official APTA rules will govern play.
  • Amenities: Favors, Prizes, Food, beverages, refreshments, and balls provided.
  • Contact: Patty Goldfeder at 203-623-2637 or with questions or more information.