2017 Men’s Shoreline B Results

  • January 12, 2017

From Tournament director Rich Goldfeder:


First, I’d like to thank you for all coming out to play with the impending storm, which made things very interesting. I hope that you all had as much fun as myself and my partner did.

Secondly I hope that you all got home safely either yesterday or today. The DOT looked like they had taken the day off as the roads were more treacherous than the courts.

It was great to see some old paddle friends and meet some new guys including 2 teams of teenagers.

The weather abbreviated the crowd for the final festivities so many of you may not know the results. Speaking of results, if you won your bracket or were a finalist and did not get a prize, I have something waiting for you. Here is what happened:

Main Draw
Arcerio/D. Marshall defeated Waddington/Ascelrod 6-4,7-5

Nilson/Shields over G. Marshall/Duffy

Consolation finals (were not finished as we had some technical difficulties getting the players together)
The semifinalists were Karestsky/Sharnsky and Welch/Hansen

Last Chance
Warendorf/Chapin defeated Street/Pozefsky 6-4,6-3

If you did not get your, prize please contact me (No, KJ, you do not get one for playing!!)

As far as other issues… some of the swag was missing as some guys never got theirs…If you took an extra one please let me know

I’d like to thank the following for their help in making this tournament run smoothly:

  • John Cunningham… our tireless Hut commander controlling the chaos even through the snow storm and courts becoming unplayable
  • Chad Lyons for changing out a heater when we had a failure in Essex
  • John Bauman and Kevin Joyce for clearing the courts of Friday’s snow
  • TJ for his endless devotion to EPTC, and helping me with the closing ceremonies
  • Redhook for providing us with the abundance of beer which we barely put a dent in!!
  • Nell for her massages during the afternoon
  • Munchies Food Truck for providing lunch
  • Mike Loyd, Brent Dickman and Andy Lovejoy for bringing breakfasts to the satellite venues
  • Sarah at GRSC, Rick and MRSC and Aaron at OLCC for their hospitality
  • The guys at Essex Package Store for providing me with a tap when the cooler froze (major crisis avoided)

If I forgot you, please forgive me. Still recuperating from a long day

Have a great ’17 and hope to see many of you as the paddle season progresses. And most important, hope to see many of you next year at the Best Damn “B”!